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Declutter Your Gutter!

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Over time gutters become blocked with leaves, moss, soil, rubble and sediment. This can cause leaks due weakening of the gutter joints and fixings, or overspill from blockages.

"Not a big deal" you may think, However, leaking gutters are a leading cause in Soffit damage, Wet rot, Damp patches & Mildew.

Some Home Insurers may not pay out for water damage caused by neglect of maintenance. Therefore this could lead to expensive bills in replacement soffits and re-plastering. So we give you the cheaper option and the peace of mind that your gutters are clear.

Full Gutters, Gutter Cleaning in bedford

What we can do for you.....

We specialise in Gutter Cleaning.

Using a high powered vacuum and the latest in "Reach Technology". We suck the muck from your gutters.*

Gutter Inspection

We now offer a Gutter Inspection service, starting from as little as £25

We have also opened up the option to have some small repairs or parts replaced on your gutters.

Contact us for further details.

(T's & C's Apply)

*On occasions it may be necessary for us to use a more manual approach involving ladders etc.

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